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I have been Krabbe for all of my life, as has my father before me, and his before him. My wife has only been Krabbe for the thirty years we have been married.

You are welcome to comment on anything in this web site. Because the internet is akin to the "wild west" I will need to approve your first comment to make sure you are not an autobot trying to take over the world, and tax my coffee without representation.

BTW: I will be putting information on this very blog this coming month about my new novel ""The Fading Silence-a neo-bohemian post-post-modern apocalyptic story about a boy and his dog (that has nothing to do with a dog, but the man enters into it.)" Please check back and spread the word!

Through the Dim Glass

Some days I suffer from the illusion that I understand much.

August 2014
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You’re On The Air With The Jazz Doctor

© 2011 Rob Krabbe – NoonAtNight Publications – Krabbe.com The gravel chewing velvet voiced Rebel Bowling Alley Don Juan come 2 A.M. radio announcer, chain smoking insomnia, and spinning vinyl smooth jazz old school, lips caressing every cheesy winking word, finger-points his Dollar General wisdom like dice against a gold framed black light velvet Elvis. […]

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Jan 20th, 2013 Poetry

Rob Krabbe’s new speculative fiction/novel available now!

“The Jake Collins Band and the Fading Silence“ A New Novel by by Rob Krabbe Jake Collins had worked his whole young life to get to that night. Rock and roll, the big times. The boys knew they had made it. Three number one hits, a sold out amphitheater concert in Tinley Park, Chicago, and […]

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Jan 1st, 2013 Uncategorized

A Lady Asked me How My Older Daughter is Doing; not Tess, Melissa my Wife.

by Rob Krabbe, © 2012 When did I become a post-mid? Past middle age?   Well, according to the stats, there is a slim chance I’m not there yet, but who am I kidding, I’d have to live to be 104.  Middle age, and then the season just past it, I am indeed a “post-mid.”  That […]


Jul 7th, 2012 Meandering

Meaningless, Chaos and Ghosts – From Ecclesiastes, Chapter 1

xTreme—paraphrase, by Rob Krabbe © 2012 This is the first chapter of a poem based on the words of the “teacher”, son of king David, and King himself, found in the book of Ecclesiastes.   Shadows-of-meaning, illusion, everything fades. Nothing but shadows-of-meaning, fading. It’s all shadows like fading steam from a grave. What is there to […]

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Jul 5th, 2012 Meandering, Poetry

The “New Simplicity” or Sanity in a Post-Post World

Part 1: Finding out who we are, not who we are told we are, by Rob Krabbe  © 2012 Simplicity is Very Complicated. Writing a post about living a life of “New Simplicity” is ironic. Plus, what’s with the word “new” for, anyway? Admittedly, taking the big “chill-out” plunge is a process in de-processing. In this modern […]

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Jun 28th, 2012 Meandering

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